greyhound racing

Join us at Towcester Racecourse

Greyhound Racing

What’s that all about?

Towcester Racecourse is back on the map with a huge relaunch under new ownership.

Although many greyhound tracks have been lost to housing, the sport remains hugely popular in Britain and accounts for around a fifth of all betting shop turnover. But it is for the excitement of live racing under lights when ‘a night at the dogs’ really comes into its own.

Enjoy the privileged vantage points from the magnificent Grace & Empress stands

Come and join us

Whether you fancy an evening on the terraces, inter spaced with the occasional visit to the tote, refreshment or snack bar, or something with a little more luxurious, like a meal in the restaurant or a corporate box, greyhound racing could be for you.

Bets start as little as £2 per race

You can enjoy a ‘tickle’ with the bookmakers or tote. Bets are from as little as £2 per race, because to paraphrase a well-known line, ‘it matters just a little bit more when there is money on it’.

Don’t understand betting or form? No problem. You may want to ask one of the tote staff for guidance, or maybe rely on Lady Luck.

The stars are the hounds

The action is fast and furious with a typical meeting featuring around a dozen races spread over three to four hours. The stars are the hounds themselves, each with a pedigree tracing back hundreds of years, and all capable of breaking the 40 mph barrier.

Towcester Racecourse operates to the highest possible levels of integrity and animal welfare. For full details click here.

Pick your winner

If red is your favourite colour, then trap one could be a temptation. Lucky number two? He’ll be in the blue jacket. Or of course, ‘Sarahs Girl’ or ‘Amazing David’ might just pick themselves . . .