Care for a Greyhound

Owning a greyhound at Towcester Racecourse can be a very exciting and rewarding experience that all the family can be involved with. You can enjoy the thrill of watching your greyhound race and even visit your pride and joy at your trainer’s kennels on a Sunday morning.

There are several ways of purchasing a racing greyhound – public auction, adverts in the racing press, or through a greyhound trainer attached to Towcester Racecourse. The cost of a greyhound can vary enormously and the better the greyhound, naturally, the bigger the price.

Whittingham Kennels rehome all of our Greyhounds.

We also work closely with Judith at Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary, one of our chosen charities.

How Can You Own A Greyhound?

Anyone Can Own a Greyhound

For newcomers, the best advice is to come to the Racecourse on a race night and speak to our General Manager who will be happy to give you further information and introduce you to trainers attached to Towcester.

Cost of Owning a Greyhound

The cost of keeping a greyhound with a trainer attached to Towcester Racecourse is usually around £8 day. In addition you need to budget for inoculations, worming and any other veterinary fees as may, from time to time, be required. Prizemoney earned by your greyhound can be used to offset, in part, your monthly kennel bills.

You may wish to consider syndication, where you team together in ownership with your friends in order to share costs.

When a Greyhounds Racing Career Ends

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that his or her greyhound is cared for once its racing days have finished. Greyhounds can race until they are five or older, but it must be remembered that injuries may occur that might end a racing career prematurely.

At Towcester Racecourse we have a home finding scheme which will help owners to find suitable homes for retired racers but many owners take their ex-racers home with them and are rewarded with the most doting and gentle of pets.

We cannot stress enough that the sport of greyhound racing values its reputation for putting greyhound welfare as its highest priority. If you do not have plans or have not considered what you are going to do with your greyhound when its racing days are over, then you should think again before purchasing a racing greyhound. At Towcester Racecourse we only promote responsible ownership.