english derby towcester
english derby towcester

What Are Some of the Most Famous Greyhound Races?

The English Greyhound Derby, Irish Greyhound Derby, Melbourne Cup, and Golden Jacket stand as some of the most famous greyhound races in the world.

These high-profile events are renowned for their competitive spirit, astonishing speed of the participants, and significant prize money which draw global attention. With rich histories and traditions, these races captivate the attention of greyhound enthusiasts while reflecting the sporting nature and cultural significance of greyhound racing.

The following sections will expand on each of these races, discussing their origins, distinct features, and the impact they hold in the realm of greyhound racing.

English Greyhound Derby

The English Greyhound Derby is considered one of the most prestigious greyhound races in the world. First held in 1927, it has since become an annual event organized by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB). The race takes place at the Towcester Greyhound Stadium in Northamptonshire, England. This race attracts approximately 180 greyhounds, with the winner taking home a prize of £175,000.

Irish Greyhound Derby

The Irish Greyhound Derby is another highly regarded race held annually at Shelbourne Park in Dublin, Ireland. This event began in 1928, just a year after its English counterpart. In addition to its purse of €300,000, the Irish Greyhound Derby winner also receives the Pat Doran Trophy, named after a former Irish Greyhound Derby champion. The event usually runs from August to September, gathering the best greyhounds in Ireland for a thrilling competition.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is an iconic greyhound race held annually in Australia. Known as the “race that stops a nation,” this event is the richest greyhound race in the world, with a staggering prize money of AUD$1,000,000. The race is held at the Sandown Park Greyhound Racing Club in Victoria, Australia. Since its inception in 1956, the Melbourne Cup has grown into a massive event that attracts fans from around the globe.

Golden Jacket

The Golden Jacket, held at the Crayford Stadium in London, England, is a prestigious long-distance greyhound race in the UK. This annual event has a distance of 714 meters, making it one of the longest races in the greyhound racing calendar. Contestants compete for a prize of £17,500 and the prestigious Golden Jacket trophy. It takes place in February each year, drawing in greyhound racing enthusiasts keen to witness the stamina and determination of the competing dogs.

Greyhound racing may have its detractors, but for many, these famous races provide thrill, excitement, and nail-biting finishes. Whatever your opinion on the sport, there’s no denying the skill, speed, and athleticism displayed by these phenomenal dogs in the most famous greyhound races in the world.

Greyhound Races Summary

Greyhound Race Venue First Held Prize Money Additional Details
English Greyhound Derby Towcester Greyhound Stadium, Northamptonshire, England 1927 £325,000 ~180 participants
Irish Greyhound Derby Shelbourne Park, Dublin, Ireland 1928 €300,000 Pat Doran Trophy awarded to winner
Melbourne Cup Sandown Park Greyhound Racing Club, Victoria, Australia 1956 AUD$1,000,000 “Race that stops a nation”
Golden Jacket Crayford Stadium, London, England £17,500 714 meters race distance


The Favourites: Top Greyhounds & Notable Victories

It would be amiss not to bring attention to some of the standout competitors in each of these renowned races. Let’s have a brief look at the noteworthy greyhounds and their triumphant tales connected to each event:

English Greyhound Derby

Greyhound Name Triumph Year(s) Additional Information
Mick the Miller 1929, 1930 He is a two-time winner and among the most famous greyhounds in history. His victory in 1929 was the first live commentary on BBC radio.
Patricias Hope 1972, 1973 He is another iconic two-time winner and one of the few greyhounds to achieve this feat.

Irish Greyhound Derby

Greyhound Name Triumph Year(s) Additional Information
Spanish Battleship 1953, 1954, 1955 He remains the only three-time winner of the Irish Greyhound Derby, thus earning his place in the annals of the sport’s history.
Ballyregan Bob 1985 Famous for achieving a world record 32 consecutive wins, he claimed the Irish Greyhound Derby title during his remarkable run.

Melbourne Cup

Greyhound Name Triumph Year(s) Additional Information
Bold Trease 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 He is a legendary greyhound, and the only one to claim four consecutive Melbourne Cup victories.
Roxy Rapid 2020 She holds the fastest time record in the Melbourne Cup, finishing her race in a stunning 29.08 seconds.

Golden Jacket

Greyhound Name Triumph Year(s) Additional Information
Fearless Mustang 1994 He claimed the title with the fastest ever time in the race’s history, completing the course in 43.57 seconds.
Star Leader 1976, 1977 She won the race for two consecutive years, making her one of the notable greyhounds of the Golden Jacket race.

These champions underscore the prestige and competitive spirit of these famous greyhound races, and they continue to inspire up-and-coming competitors to make their mark.

The Most Famous Races at Towcester in 2023

Towcester is home to thrilling and captivating greyhound races, attracting a multitude of spectators and enthusiasts on a regular basis. The race events at Towcester are known for displaying top-tier performances from some of the fastest and finest greyhounds from around the world.

Two notable trainers, Patrick Janssens and John Mullins, have seen victories here, lending their expertise to winners like Romeo Command, Fabulous Azzurra, and Signet Goofy.

Particularly notable is the annual English Derby, a prestigious event in the greyhound racing calendar that draws a considerable audience and fosters intense competition. There’s always high anticipation and dedication evident at Towcester, making it a must-visit destination for any greyhound racing enthusiast.


Date Race Title Distance Winner Trainer & Attachment Win Time
29/01/23 Stadium Bookmakers Blue Riband 500m Hopes Paddington Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.15s
01/04/23 2023 RPGTV Juvenile (Invitation – IV) 500m Arkady David Mullins (Romford) 29.50s
23/04/23 KAB Maiden Derby Final 500m Drive On Lad Richard Rees (Hove) 29.26s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 1st QTR-FINAL 500m Romeo Command Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.04s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd QTR-FINAL 500m Mystical Mario John Lambe (Perry Barr) 29.25s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 3rd QTR-FINAL 500m Gaytime Nemo Graham Holland (IRE) 28.94s
17/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 4th QTR-FINAL 500m Swords Rex Graham Holland (IRE) 28.93s
24/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 1st SEMI-FINAL 500m Clona Duke Graham Holland (IRE) 28.69 TR
24/06/23 2023 ENGLISH DERBY 2nd SEMI-FINAL 500m Swords Rex Graham Holland (IRE) 28.76s
01/07/23 RPGTV Watling Street Sprint 270m Dubh Gasta Tom Heilbron (Newc) 15.80s
01/07/23 Puppy 10K Match Race (Winner Take All) 500m Maree Champion Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.02s
01/07/23 2023 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL 500m Gaytime Nemo Graham Holland (IRE) 28.89s
01/07/23 RPGTV Derby Plate 500m Whyaye Man Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 29.11s
01/07/23 Jack Murrell Memorial Trophy 500m Aero Arran Richard Taberner (Monm) 29.69s
01/07/23 RPGTV Champion Bitch Stake (Dublicate) 500m Millbank Peach Daniel Brabon (CPark) 29.65s
01/07/23 RPGTV Champion Bitch Stake (Dublicate) 500m Fabulous Azzurra Patrick Janssens (Towc) 29.43s
01/07/23 Derby Final Night StarSports.Bet Trophy 500m Warzone Tom Liz McNair (Central Park) 29.48s
01/07/23 www.greyhoundtrader.com Stakes Final 500m Savanna Top Cat Chris Hamblin (Oxford) 29.46s
01/07/23 Maurice Newman Memorial Trophy 500m As I Say Brendan Mathews (IRE) 29.11s
01/07/23 BGBF Truframe British Bred Champion Stakes 500m Signet Goofy John Mullins (Towcester) 29.26s
01/07/23 Time Greyhound Nutrition Challenge Trophy 500m Burj Khalifa Brendan Mathews (IRE) 29.16s
01/07/23 James Maloney BSMOTY Winner 712m Savana Heross Diane Henry (Towcester) 43.54s
01/07/23 RPGTV Derby Final Night Stayers (Dublicate) 712m Jacktavern Bella Graham Holland (IRE) 42.96s
01/07/23 2023 SportystuffTV Dorando Marathon 942m Space Jet Matt Dartnall (Oxford) 58.76s
30/07/23 2023 Juvenile Classic 500m Droopys Clue Seamus Cahill (Hove) 29.19s
24/09/23 2023 BET365 Empress Stakes 500m Crafty Shivoo Mark Wallis (Suffolk D) 30.11s