The Frank Bruno Foundation Comes to Towcester Racecourse

The Frank Bruno Foundation hosted an open forum,  launching their fitness course here at Towcester Racecourse on Saturday 23rd October. Thank you to all that came along, it was a great success.  The classes going forward are running every Tuesday evening here at Towcester Racecourse in the pomfret Suite, there are both adult and junior classes on offer, with the first session tonight at 5.15pm – 6.15pm then 2nd session from 6.30pm – 7-30pm.


Brandon Eldred, Chief Operations Officer at the Frank Bruno Foundation has said;


‘A big thank you to Towcester Racecourse for allowing us to use their premises for shadow boxing and exercise, we are really looking forward to getting started and hope the community will come along for some boxing fun, then in 2022 we will be opening for classes for people who are struggling with their mental health within the site of the Racecourse, we are really looking forward to working in partnership with everyone at Towcester Racecourse.’


‘The Frank Bruno Foundation aim to provide a safe environment to help improve the mental wellbeing of participants who are facing or recovering from mental ill health.

The Foundation exists to provide support and encouragement and the motivation to succeed for those facing and recovering from mental ill-health.  They provide opportunities to participate in a well-being and non-contact boxing programme. It directly supports participants in building self-esteem, confidence, resilience, and discipline’


Towcester Racecourse is incredibly proud of the work they do and honoured to be able to help them to carry out their work and raise awareness in the Towcester area. For more information on The Frank Bruno Foundation please follow this link: