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Owning your own racer is a thrill!

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Owning your own racer is a thrill! Download our guide for further information.

Guide to Owning a Greyhound

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Greyhound Welfare

From the inception of the Greyhound project the welfare of the Greyhounds has been our top priority.

Beginning with the design of the track, leading greyhound figures were consulted and the latest veterinary research was employed to produce the ‘perfect’ track.

The track has the largest bends in the country enabling the greyhounds to run the circuit without breaking stride or exerting unnecessary strain on their limbs when cornering.
We have purchased the very latest track preparation equipment to ensure that the surface remains in superb condition at all times.

All this research and expenditure would be to no avail if we did not have properly trained, experienced ground-staff in position. One of the sports leading track experts, Mark Sealey, is in charge of track preparation.

Similarly the greyhounds have to be in tip top condition when they arrive. We are fortunate in having some of the best trainers in the UK.

When the greyhounds arrive at Towcester they will be housed in a state of the art kennelling facility which forms part of our £1.8 million complex. Every race has its own exclusive kennel block to minimise disturbance prior to racing. To also minimise the risk of injury, there is a 200 yard walk to the track which enables these canine athletes to be fully stretched and warmed up prior to racing.

The Towcester racing team has over 100 years greyhound racing experience between them and know that a large kennel strength is essential to avoid over racing the greyhounds or placing greyhounds in unsuitable trap positions due to insufficient availability.

Our patrons can rest assured that the greyhounds they watch at Towcester receive the highest levels of care during their racing careers and throughout their retirement.

Kevin Ackerman – Welfare Officer

Chris Page – Racing Manager

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