Champion Hurdle

One of the highlights of the Star Sports English Greyhound Derby supporting card

Greyhound Champion Hurdle

The Greyhound Champion Hurdle is one of the highlights of the Star Sports English Greyhound Derby supporting card, with the final on July 1st.

The Greyhound Champion Hurdle has been won by some of the greatest hurdlers in the sport, including Cornamaddy Jumbo in 2014. He went on to make history and become the only hurdler in the history of the sport to be crowned Greyhound Of The Year.

Make sure you don’t miss watching this spectacular race. Come and watch the greyhound champion hurdle. Click the link below to find out more.

Star Sports English Greyhound Derby
greyhound champion hurdle
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Roll Of Honour

Greyhound Champion Hurdle

1990Cloran MajorBold Work – Lively GenieSteve Gammon (Ramsgate)28.626-4f
1991UnbelievableEcho Spark - RathnasareLinda Mullins (Walthamstow)2802-JanTrack record
1992Gaytime YankeeOdell Yankee – Gaytime HarpSam Sykes (Wimbledon)28.5207-Jan
1993Ring PatriotKyle Jack – In AdvanceGordon Hodson (Hove)27.9604-Jan
1994Gis A SmileFlashy Sir – Desert PearlPhilip Rees Jr. (Wimbledon)27.961-1f
1995Arrogant PrinceBallinderry Ash - ProverbiaTom Foster (Wimbledon)28.2905-Feb
1996Glown FoxPolnoon Chief – Glown MascotTom Foster (Wimbledon)28.436-4f
1997Westmead PandaMurlens Slippy – Ballynew TwoNick Savva (Walthamstow)28.1903-Jan
1998Strideaway TeddyLeaders Minstrel – Lomas GirlTom Foster (Wimbledon)28.6605-Feb
1999MonumentalArdcollum Flash – Sister NoraTom Foster (Wimbledon)28.4925-Jan
2000Rackethall RoverMoaning Lad – Galtymore LauraPatsy Byrne (Wimbledon)28.2708-Jan
2001Born To GoStaplers Jo – Lift UpTom Foster (Wimbledon)28.5207-Feb
2002Top JockTop Honcho – Lochar LucySeamus Cahill (Wimbledon)28.703-Jan
2003Farloe BrownyBlue Murlen – Seanos MissSeamus Cahill (Wimbledon)28.0910-Jan
2004Joe BananasLarkhill Jo – Woman PowerNick Colton (Oxford)28.236-4jf
2005Druids Mickey JoTop Honcho – Druids VillaSeamus Cahill (Wimbledon)28.074-5f
2006Stradeen OuzoDaves Mentor – Snazzy FlashDavid Mullins (Romford)28.4711-Apr
2007NewlawnBertsTucks Mein – Berts BabyPat Cusack (Crayford)27.969-4f
2008Morell WarriorLarkhill Jo – Selsey TessLorraine Sams (Crayford)28.2610-Jan
2009PlatinumlancelotRoanokee – Mist Of AvalonJason Foster (Wimbledon)28.246-4f
2010Men Of HopeTop Honcho – Razldazl PearlJason Foster (Wimbledon)29.1803-JanTrack record
2011Plane DaddyBig Daddy Cool – Lordsbury KnowsGemma Davidson (Crayford)30.1608-Jan
2012Olivers TwistHead Bound – Kewell IronyLisa Stephenson (Sheffield)29.375-4f
2013Soviet MilitaryPremier Fantasy – Invincible DivaRicky Holloway (Private)29.2609-Apr
2014Cornamaddy JumboArdkill Jamie – Cornamaddy MaidMark Wallis (Yarmouth)29.5203-Jan
2015Jetstream ReasonHondo Black – Handy PrincessSteve Gammon (Crayford)29.2407-Feb
2016Razldazl RaidioRazldazl Rioga – Razldazl MarilynRicky Holloway (Sittingbourne)28.911-8f

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